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Title Insurance 
Title Insurance

Allegro Insurance Agency, through a strategic alliance with Rallypoint Title Agency, writes title insurance through underwriters,  Stewart and North American.

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There are many situations and events which can effect title to your new purchase. We will abstract the full history of the property to see if any open items could lay claim to your property, and insure the value of your purchase if a title issue stemming from the past arises.  Some common irregularities include

Debts and liens tied to the property
Undisclosed heirs
Gaps in chain of title
Improperly recorded documents and foreclosures
Falsified documents
Marital interest
Inaccurate property descriptions
and more

Title abstract and insurance in the state of NJ is regulated, so while you will get the same price anywhere in the state, Allegro Insurance company will give you the care and attention you need when you need it most.


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